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EMD Series Servo Drive
Product Features:
EMD series servo driver is developed for driving the permanent-magnet servo motor (PMSM). The capacity range of EMD series servo driver is extensive in coverage (rated current 10A ~ 300 A). It is a medium and high power servo driver with higher cost-performance ratio on the existing market.

Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry



Power input

Three phase AC 380V (-15% ~ +10%),50/60Hz

Basic function

Speed frequency response

>= 300Hz

Speed fluctuation rate

<0.03(load 0~100%)

Speed adjustable range


Input pulse frequency

Differential input:<=500Kpps Open collector input: <=200Kpps

Torque control accuracy


Control mode

Position control;

Speed control;

Torque control;

Mixed control for position and speed;

Mixed control for speed and Torque;

Mixed control for Torque and position;

Closed-loop control for pressure;

Closed-loop control for position.

Torque limitation function

Torque limitation range which can be set: - 300%~+300%.

Common DC bus function

It can realize the function for multiple servo drivers to share DC bus.


User can freely define shortcut menu.

Programmable digital input-output

User can self-define input/output I/O function.

Run command channel

The given operation panel, control terminal, serial communication port and CAN communication port can be switched through multi-ways.



Input terminal

The analog input terminal can select voltage input (±10V) or current input (0~20mA) .

Pulse input terminal:

Pulse + direction;

CCW pulse /CW pulse;

Two-phase orthogonal pulse.

Output terminal

Digital output terminal.

Analog output terminal

can select 0 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10V.

Relay output terminal.

Position feedback pulse output terminal.



CAN communication terminal;

RS485 / RS232 communication terminal.

Monitoring function

Rotation speed, current position, command pulse accumulation, position deviation, motor torque, motor current, rotor position, command pulse frequency, control mode, input/output IO signal, etc.

Protection function

Power-on motor short circuit detection, input/output open-phase protection, over-current protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection, overload protection, etc.

Optional Components

Brake component, operation panel, etc.


Installation location

Indoor, free from direct sunshine, dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, water vapour, drip or salinity, etc.



Ambient temperature

10C~40C (When ambient temperature is in 40C~50C, please derate it in use )


Less than 95%RH, free of water globule condensation


Less than 5.9m / s2 ( 0.6g)

Storage temperature

40C ~ 70C