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EMA Series Servo Drive
Product Features:
The EMA series general servo driver, which adopts DSP+FPGA system framework, has a series of virtues: it speeds up the process of data collection and processing, with high integration level and reliability; it has abundant interfaces for digital and analog input, which can match diversified upper control devices; its optimized control algorithm makes accurate full-digital control of torque, speed and position come true, which can be used in various manufacturing fields.

Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry
EMA servo drive
EMB servo drive
Control Power Supply

Single phase AC 220V (-15% ~ +10%),50/60Hz,
Three phase AC 220V (-15% ~ +10%),50/60Hz

Operating condition

Operating temperature:0~40oC storage temperature:-40~50oC

Less than 90%, no moisture condensation

Less than 0.5G(4.9m/s2) 10~60Hz,operate discontinuously

Control Mode

(1) Position control mode;
(2) Speed control mode;
(3) Torque control mode;
(4) Position/Speed control mode;
(5) Speed/Torque control mode;
(6) Torque/Position control mode;
(7) Open loop running.

Regenerative Braking
Built-in or External
Frequency response

Speed fluctuation ratio

< 0.03(load 0~100%)

Speed regulation ratio


Input pulse frequency

differential input:≤500Kpps, open collector input:≤200Kpps
Control input
5 programmable IO input
7 programmable IO input

(1) Servo enable;
(2) Alarm clearing;
(3) CCW drive forbidden;
(4) CW drive forbidden;
(5) Deviation counter clearing;
(6) Pulse command disable;
(7) Zero speed position clamping;
(8) CCW torque limit;
(9) CW torque limit;

Control input
(10) Torque mode switch;
(11) Internal position selection 1;
(12) Internal position selection 2;
(13) Internal position selection 3;
(14) Internal speed selection 1;
(15) Internal speed selection 2;
(16) Internal speed selection 3;
(17) Internal torque selection 1;
(18) Internal torque selection 2;
(19) Electronic gear ratio selection 1;
(20) Electronic gear ratio selection 2;
(21) Running direction selection 1;
(22) Running direction selection 2;
(23) Running direction reverse;
(24) Emergency stop;
(25) Launch the origin back;
(26) Origin back reference point;
(27) Internal position running startup signal
Control output
3 programmable IO output
4 programmable IO output
(1) Servo ready;
(2) Servo alarm.
(3) Position fixing finished;
(4) Electromagnetic brake;
(5) Speed reached signal;
(6) Torque reached signal;
(7) Homing completion;
(8) Zero speed signal
Position control

Pulse input mode

(1)Pulse + Direction;
(2)CCW pulse/CW pulse;
(3)Two phase A/B quadrature pulse

Electronic gear
Setting range:1~65535/1~65535
Feedback pulse
Adjustable according to encoder’s resolution
Speed control

(1)Internal 8-segment speed setting;
(2)External -10 ~ +10V analog signal input control.

Torque control

(1)Internal 4-segment speed setting;
(2)External -10 ~ +10V analog signal input control.

Acceleration and deceleration function

Parameter sets 1~10000ms(0~1000r/min or 1000~0r/min)

Torque limitation function

Torque limited range: -300%~+300%

Monitoring function

Rotating speed, present position, command pulse accumulation, position deviation, motor torque, motor current, rotor position, command pulse frequency, control mode, input and output terminals signal, etc.

Protection function

Overspeed; main power overvoltage; under-voltage, overcurrent; overload, braking abnormity; encoder abnormity, control power supply under-voltage, overheated, position deviation abnormity, etc.

Operation display
5-digit LED display panel, 4 keys, 2 LED lights
6-digit LED display panel, 4 keys, 2 LED lights
Suitable load inertia
Less than 5 times of motor inertia
Communication function