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Sine Wave Filter
Product Features:
My company produces the EM-SWF series sine wave filter adopting trait reactor, having professional filter capacitor and power resistor, reasonable structure, waveform distortion is small, small loss and low noise characteristics.
Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry
l To coverse SPWM voltage current waveform of frequency inverter to approximate sine wave waveform (For the line load feature, the COS is greater than 0. 3 and T H D is less than 5%);

l Protect motor insulation system, reduce bearing current, prolong service life, reduce motor noise;

l With general asynchronous motor can replace frequency induction motor use;

l Effectively restrain the high frequency loss and RF radiation interference, in certain occasions without to use a shielded cable, lowering the field Cable requirements;

l Cable between motor and frequency inverter can extend to 500 meters, the longest can reach 3000 meters above;

l We have 220 V 380 V 440V 690V 1140V three phase variable frequency drive system;

l Suitable motor and inverter power range: 0. 4KW - 1600 KW ;

l Suitable frequency inverter output carrier frequency range: 1.5-16 KHz ;

l Basic frequency range: 0 to 400 Hz (above 50Hz order must tell us when order);

l Driving load forms: asynchronous motor (After special design can use for EPS UPS and the surrounding power supply system);

l Heat resistant level: F grade (for reactor part); 

The sine wave filter can match with all brands frequency inverter and match many sets of machines, such as wind power, oil field, water and electricity, metallurgy, etc.