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what size inverter do i need?
Publish:China EM Technology Limited  Time:2016-04-30
                                                                   What size inverter do i need?

The power output rating of teh inverter you choose (in VA or in Watts) is directly depend on the load you will be powering,It is absolutely critical that you select an inverter which is powerful enough to operate your specific loads.

Step 1: The first step in your inverter selection is to caculate the total(Watts or Amps)of all appliances you plan to power.Virtually all AC powered equipment will bear a label(usually placed near where the power wire enters the unit),indicating how many Amps or Watts of electricity the equipment uses.

Step 2:The second step is to determine the characteristics of your load ,AC load refrigerator,Both of these types of loads require different levels of the initial surge of power required to start up.oftrn called a Peak Surge for electronic loads,or Locked Rotor Current for motor loads,The Peak Surge or Locked Rotor Current is almost always considerably higher than the Continuous Load(which is the power needed to run the load after intial start up) and must be considered when sizing the inverter,the battery,and the cables that connect two.