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How to understand Power Factor?
Publish:China EM Technology Limited  Time:2016-05-03
                                                                                 Power Factor
1、What is a Reactive Power ?
Reactive power definition:To understand what is Reactive power is utmost important for all electrical engineers. Just go to basics of alternate. and basic definition of power P (watts)= V volts (ie Joules/ coulomb ) X I Amps (ie coulomb /sec) = V x I (joules/sec =watts) For Dc system frequency = 0 hence inductive reactance is zero and capacitive reactance is infinity hence only resistive loads dissipates power, mainly in the active is visible form of heat or used for motive load /lighting. this power is conventionally called active power.

2、Can The drive  be changed by the power factor capacitor?
 No. It should be two things:
(1) power factor and the power factor of the drive motor is independent, because the middle is separated from the DC circuit. Therefore, the inverter power factor means that the input side.
(2) the phase difference between the current and power factor and voltage of the inverter relationship is not large. If a meter to measure the power factor, then, the "power factor" almost "1.0." Inverter low power factor is due to the input current harmonic component caused, therefore, capacitor does not work. In contrast, under the action of high-frequency capacitor current, it will reduce the lifetime.

3、How to count Generator power 
Generator rated power = voltage*current ie (P = UI)
Usually the motor nameplate labeled as 24V or 12V, so some customers when calculating the voltage used by companies 24 (12) * current calculated power company said a big difference. Indeed, 24V or 12V vehicle systems are state nominal voltage, the operating voltage of the generator is higher than the battery voltage in order to charge the battery, so the actual operating voltage of 28V, respectively, or 14V. Therefore, the motor power should its operating voltage *current, namely 28 (14) * current.
For example: JFB271-C as its nameplate 24V 70A, its power should 28V*70A = 1960W, also commonly referred to 2000W motor.