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why we need the accesories around frequency inverter?
Publish:China EM Technology Limited  Time:2016-05-03
                                                             Frequency inverter surroundings

Can i use leakage protection When using the inverter?
No. Leakage protection is the principle of zero-sequence current is zero. While using the drive, zero-sequence current can not be zero. The output side of the inverter is PWM wave, capacitive effects of long cable between the motor cable and the earth, the use of shielded cable capacitance effect is more pronounced. While the drive to work, the capacitor charge and discharge, a current flows into the ground through the capacitor, and the ground wire from the line side and back to the inverter, current loop is formed. If the leakage protection on the line side, then it moves to cut off the system is running. If you want to ensure the safety, good equipment grounding line.

Why should use the output of the inverter output reactors, what role is it?
Inverter output increase output reactor, in order to increase the drive to the motor wires from the output of the reactor can effectively inhibit the production of the IGBT inverter switching instant high voltage, reduce the adverse effects of this voltage cable insulation and motor.
The main role of the reactor: a limit of motor connecting cable to the capacitive charging current and the voltage rate of rise of the motor windings is limited to 540V / μs, steep it for passivating the inverter output voltage (switching frequency) , reduce the inverter power components (such as IGBT) disturbance and shock.