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EM12-SP series solar pump inverter
Product Features:
EM12-SP series solar pump inverter is specically used for driving 1-phase and 3-phase AC motor,it can drive water from deep wells or rivers and lakes to pure into the storage tank or reservoir.and adjust the output frequency in real-time according to the cariation of sunlight intensity to realize the maximum power point tracking(MPPT).
Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry
Thank you for purchasing the EM12 series solar inverter developed by China EM Technology Limited.

MPPT algorithm of fast tracking of maximum power point of PV cells, efficiency >99%.
Solar battery working point voltage can be manually or automatically MPPT tracking.
All weather automatic operation,can also be manually or automatically,
Realize”sunrise work and sunset sleep”.
35 kinds protection function. including auto detecting short circuit after power on.
Auto sleep function/pump dry protect/low frequency protection/over load protection and etc.
Full protections:overload,over current, overvoltage,under voltage,short circuit, dry pumping etc.
Output frequency range: V/F(0~3000hz); vector control(0~300HZ).
Overload capacity:60s with 150% of rated current,3s with 180% of rated current.
Speed accuracy:±0.5%(SVC);±0.02%(VC).
Pulse setting input:0Khz~100Khz.
Remote control, support RS232/RS485 protocol, terminal control, analog control.

Before unpacking, please check carefully:

1. Whether the nameplate model of solar inverter are consistent with your order ratings. The box contains the solar
inverter, user manual.
2. Whether the solar inverter is damaged during transportation. If you find any omission or damage, please contact
us or your local supplier immediately.

First-time Use

For the users who use this product for the first time, read the manual carefully. If in doubt concerning some
functions or performances, contact the technical support personnel to ensure correct use.
Due to the continuous improvement of solar inverter, this document will be updated without prior notice.
EM12-SP series solar inverter complies with the following international standards. All products have passed the CE
IEC/EN61800-5-1: 2003 Variable speed electric drive system safety requirements;
IEC/EN61800-3: 2004 Variable speed electric drive system, Part 3: The Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Standards of Product and its specific testing methods.

                                                                                      Solar Pump Inverter System

Areas of application:

solar pump,water pump,pump,solar system,irrigation system,foundation system,sumbersible pump,sprinkling system and etc.