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DC Choke for Inverter
Model:EM-RAD Series
Product Features:
DC reactor for improving power factor
Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry
● Rated working voltage: DC 500V ~ 700V
● Wihtstand voltage test: 3.5KV 60s
● Swicth Frequency: 0 ~ 18KHz
● Motor Frequency: 0 ~ 200Hz
● Power: 0.4KW ~ 600KW
Main Function:

1: Reduce the network current waveform distortion rate created by rectifier circuit of capacitance filtering.
2: To reduce and prevent for rectifier bridge damage and filter capacitor overheat by the pulse current impact in process of filtering capacitor charge and dischargez
3: Improve grid power factor, reduce total harmonic distortion, improve the quality of power supply of the power.
4: To improve or inhibit power grid voltage transient fluctuation caused by filter capacitor charging and discharging.

Electrical Feature and standard:

1: Rated working voltage; DC500V ~ 700V.
2: Working withstanding voltage: Iron core-coil 3000VAC/50HZ/5MA/60S No arcing breakdown discharge phenomenon(Factory tested).
3: Insulation resistance: Iron core-coil 1000VDC is more than 100M.
4: Temperature limit: Core temperature not to exceed 70K (thermometer method), Coil temperature not to exceed 95 k (DC resistance method).
5: Working noise: less than 50DB(horizontal distance 1 meter to DC choke).
6: Core surface take with special Class F or H paint coating / Hardware plating white zinc or plastic spraying, the product is not easy to rust; Beautiful and reliable performance.