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Water Supply Project signed by China Construction Second Engineering Bureau LTD and Shenzhen EMHEATER debugging successfully
Publish:China EM Technology Limited  Time:2016-09-27
Water Supply Project signed by EMHEATER and China Construction Second Engineering Bureau LTD debugging successfully

As we all know, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau LTD is the "Excellent Enterprise of National highway construction "," Excellent Enterprise of Construction Nationwide".
China Construction Bureau was established in year of 1952, registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce with qualification of national house construction,steel structure, roadbed construction large construction.
In the construction of water supply projects constructed by China Construction Second Engineering Bureau LTD,they choose to use EMHEATER frequency inverter with good quality stability and good reputation,and signed a cooperate project with us,allthe water supply project debugging successfully in 27th September.

Here pictures of Construction:

Water Supply refers to when the water yield of water supply network is changing,the outlet pressure remains constant water supply,water supply network outlet pressure value is determined based on user needs,the traditional constant water supply is using water towers,high level water tanks,pressure tanks and other facilities to achieve,for VFD‘s technology are increasingly sophisticated and widespread used in applications,Combined with the operation of VFD,PID controller,microcontroller,PLC an dother devices for consitiuting a control system,it‘s for adjusting the pump‘s output flow and realizing constant pressure water supply,the technology has been popular in the water supply industry.

The main features for VFD constant water supply system:
1.Energy saving,saving rate can up to 20%-40%.
2.Less investment,high efficiency.
3.Configuration flexbility,high degree of automatiuon,functional,flexible and reliable.
4.Reasonable run,because it is soft starting and soft stopping,not only can eliminate water hammer effect,and the average torque of the motor shaft and wear is reduced,reducing the amount of maintenance and repair costs,and greatly improve the life of the pump.
5.Due to the constant pressure water supply directly from the headwaters,reduce the secondary pollution of the original water supply.
6.Through the communication control,can achieve unattender,saving manpower and resources