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Aluminum Resistor
Product Features:
Product characteristics Product Specifications Application industry
Power rating: 40W-3000W
Resistance value: 0.01 -100K
Resistance tolerance: 0.1%, 0.5%, 1%, 5%, 10%

l Durable, vibration-proof, dissipates heat well and low temperature coefficient with resistance varying in direct proportion.

l EMZ sereies successfully applied for national patent (ZL2004300866567)

l Specification: 80W60R,80W100R,80W20R,100W20R,100W100R,120W68R,150W20R, 200W20R,200W200R,300W20R,300W150R,300W200R,400W150R,400W20R,500W100R, 500W20R,800W75R,1040W50R,1040W75R ect.

l For non-standard technical requirements and customspecial applications, please contact us to discuss the details.

l Conforms to the ROHS standard and the LEAD-FREE non-lead standard